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boys basketball

Photos by: Janet Fleske


We believe that extracurricular programs are important to the educational process of young men and women and have a tremendous effect on school climate. Unlike any other school program, these programs promote student and community identification with the school. Successful, competitive extracurricular programs have a positive effect on school spirit and community support while creating a positive school climate for the year. The basic goals of extracurricular activities at Larned High School and Larned Middle School are to develop core values of leadership, citizenship, individual self-discipline, and sportsmanship. Extracurricular participation will develop positive characteristics in each participant. These characteristics include competitive spirit, good sportsmanship, work ethic, effort, grace under pressure, discipline, camaraderie, and the ability to work within a team concept toward common goals. The administration believes that each extracurricular program should be competitive during their respective competitions. We believe OUR programs have far more to offer each student than just the act of participation.

Sportsmanship Article