The contract that you signed with USD 495 stipulates that you are properly licensed and shall remain licensed during the term of employment hereunder in accordance with the laws of the State of Kansas, and the requirements of the Kansas State Department of Education governing the position to which you are assigned.

Renewal Information

Licenses will replace certificates.
Renewal will be no more than 6 months before current expiration date.
Renewals are based on points only. (College hours will be converted into points.)
Staff members with a bachelors degree need 160 points to renew. Half of these points must be college hours.
Staff members with a masters degree need 120 points to renew.
All staff need to have an Individual Development Plan (IDP) on file to receive points.
Points are earned in 3 categories - Content, Professional Education and Service to the Profession.
Each category has 3 levels - Knowledge, Application and Impact.
Knowledge level points equal 1 point.
Application level points equal 2 x knowledge level points.
Impact level points equal 3 x knowledge level points.

When does my license expire?
Please click this link to find out when you license needs to be renewed: Lookup License