Tricia Prescott

We are happy to announce Tricia Prescott as our All-Star Staff Member of the Month at Larned Middle School! Tricia was named our All-Star because she is the real MVP! This staff member is all around kind and compassionate, to their students as well as other staff members. They always have your back.

Mrs. Prescott has been a part of our Fort Larned family for a number of years, and is more than deserving of this recognition. Here is what some of the students and staff members had to say about her:

🏈  She's not just a teacher, she's super fun to be around! Mrs. Prescott knows how to make learning exciting and enjoyable for us.

🏐 Mrs. Prescott is always going out of her way to make things right and to help people with anything that is needed.

🏀 Mrs. Prescott is so well organized and is always looking out for the other persons best interest!

Mrs. Prescott, thank you for bringing a sense of fun and excitement to the classroom, making learning a joy for your students. You go above and beyond to make things right and ensure that everyone's needs are met. We are grateful to have you at Larned Middle School!