upson rockstar

We are proud to recognize Scott Upson as our Rockstar Teacher of the Month at Larned High School. Scott earned this rockstar title because he sets the stage for success. This teacher is somebody who has taught you something extremely important for a future endeavor, whether it be preparing you for a crucial assignment, test, or project, or imparting substantial knowledge that will prove useful even after graduation.

Here's what some of our students and other staff members had to say about him: 

🌟 "I want to nominate him because he's made learning easier for me, and he cares about us doing well." 

🌟 "He always reminds us to turn in our work on time, not just for grades, but to help us do better in high school and beyond." 

🌟 "Mr. Upson is a supportive teacher who provides assistance to students on the verge of failing or facing challenges in his class."

Mr. Upson, you consistently go beyond academics, ensuring that our students grasp crucial knowledge for their future. Thank you for always being there for struggling students, making learning engaging and memorable. Your standout teaching style at LHS is truly appreciated.