Buddy Tabler

January is School Board Recognition Month!

School board members at Fort Larned USD 495 develop policies and make crucial decisions that help shape the future of our education system. Beginning in January 2024, USD 495's school board includes Brent Hemken, Tyson Atteberry, Tyson Steffen, Michelle Koch, Jessie Pleasant, Buddy Tabler, and Mike Myrick.

Join us in thanking these 7 members, not only this month but throughout the entire year. We will be putting our members in the spotlight in the upcoming weeks. Today, let's hear from and recognize board member, Buddy Tabler!

Why did you decide to serve on our school board?

"I chose to serve on the school board to actively contribute to the pride our community takes in our outstanding schools. My motivation stems from a desire to be involved and, most importantly, to be a dedicated advocate and cheerleader for our students."

What’s something about our schools that makes you really proud?

"I take immense pride in the outstanding individuals within our administrative staff and teaching faculty, as well as the impressive facilities that contribute to the overall success of USD 495."

What’s one challenge you’d like the board to tackle in 2024?

"Looking ahead, I think it's essential for our board to focus on keeping our curriculum relevant and meaningful for students. We should regularly assess the value of what we teach, ensuring it equips students with practical knowledge and essential life skills. Exploring more hands-on learning, such as incorporating practical skills like changing tires, could enhance our students' preparedness for the future."

Thanks again, Buddy, for all you do for USD 495. For more information about our Board of Education, please click HERE.