January is School Board Recognition Month! School Board members are local citizens—your friends and neighbors—whose decisions while serving on the school board impact all our children: what they learn, who will teach them, and the kinds of facilities that will house their classrooms.

Our current school board includes Brent Hemken, Tyson Atteberry, Tyson Steffen, Michelle Koch, Jessie Pleasant, Buddy Tabler, and Mike Myrick. Join us in thanking them not only this month but throughout the entire year. We will continue to put our members in the spotlight in the upcoming weeks. Today, let's hear from and recognize board member Mike Myrick!

Why did you decide to serve on our school board? 

"I decided to serve on the school board to ensure our students receive the best education possible, preparing them for further education or the workforce to become highly productive citizens. Safety and security are top priorities for both students and teachers within our schools. My commitment is to create an environment where every individual at USD 495, including my grandchildren, feels secure and supported."

What’s something about our schools that makes you really proud? 

"I am really proud that a majority of our students have a head start on their future through the credits they earn from colleges. This not only allows them to advance their education but also provides a solid foundation for their journey into college or other higher education institutions."

What’s one challenge you’d like the board to tackle in 2024? 

"In 2024, I hope the board can prioritize enhancing the security measures in our schools. As someone with a strong focus on security, I believe it's crucial for our students and teachers to enter our school premises with the sole focus on receiving a great education and enjoying the learning process."

Thanks again, Mike, for all you do for USD 495.

The monthly board meetings are always on the second Monday of the month, starting at 6:00 pm. We meet in the board room in the District Office. For more information about our Board of Education, please click HERE.