January is School Board Recognition Month, an opportunity to express gratitude to the elected board members who play a crucial role in shaping the direction of education in our community. These citizen leaders, including Brent Hemken, Tyson Atteberry, Tyson Steffen, Michelle Koch, Jessie Pleasant, Buddy Tabler, and Mike Myrick, navigate complex challenges, make tough decisions, and contribute to the overall development of our educational system.

Continuing our journey of spotlighting our members, today we hear from Tyson Steffen!

Why did you decide to serve on our school board?

“The school system is the backbone of any community. The quality of education helps mold young minds and directly leads to their success in the future.”

What’s something about our schools that makes you really proud?

“We have some amazing people in this district who truly care about the kids. From the custodians to the teachers, those who interact daily with the kids are one of the best things about this district. I am continually proud of the accomplishments of our students and teachers on a local, regional, and state level.”

What’s one challenge you’d like the board to tackle in 2024?

“I would really like to see some direct effort to bring a quality education as the priority of the board.  I believe this can be accomplished with a standardized curriculum from the elementary school through the high school.  I hope this board can make this a priority and produce something that will benefit the students for years into the future.”

Thanks again, Tyson, for all you do for USD 495. For more information about our Board of Education, please click HERE.