LES November Events

LES Events for November:

-5th Grade Band students will be performing for their family on Monday, November 1 in the LES Gym. 

-Our 1st/2nd graders will be performing our Veteran's Program on November 9 at the Community Center.

-No School: November 11, November 24-26

For November, our family engagement theme is “Balloons Over Broadway”. Please visit this website https://www.kidlit.tv/2020/11/read-out-loud-balloons-over-broadway/  to listen to the story about how the Macy Day Parade began. After listening to the story, feel free to create a “balloon”. We will have our own Macy’s Day Parade at LES on November 23rd morning. Please have your child bring their “balloon” to school when completed.  We encourage you to complete this at home but will provide some time at school that Monday, if unable to do at home. Attached are a few examples of ways to create this “balloon” with paper, balloons, paper mache, etc. If you are in need of a print out, please reach out to the classroom teacher and we will assist in this.

Mrs. McGurk
Mrs. Keith