Site Councils have been around for about 30 years in Kansas schools.  Raise your hand if you knew this!! Over the last 3 years, USD 495 has made more of an emphasis on building site councils being a part of the community decision making process.  But what is a Site Council?

According to the KSDE website:  "Representing the school’s parents, neighborhood, community, and business/industry, the Building Site Council (BSC) provides input during every step of the growth process."

At LHS, we have made efforts to make the site council more meaningful.  We meet once a month over lunch and give an overview of what is going on in the building, and then focus on a major issue or two for discussion.

 Over the last 2 years site council has focussed on:  LHS class schedule, cell phone policy, LHS Athletic Hall of Fame, among many other things.  At our last meeting, the focus was on "telling our story."  The site council is the connection between parents/community members/businesses and our school.

At LHS, our site council is made up of:  Lisa Schartz, Christy Lemuz, Eli Makings, Chianna Hemkin, Felicia Snodgrass, plus LHS students and staff.  These people are here to listen to community members as well take the goings on at LHS out into the community.   

If you are interested in learning more about other buildings' site council, please reach out to their principal.