Larned Middle School TRIBE Expectations

Trustworthy, Responsible, iCan be a problem solver, Brotherhood/Sisterhood and Excellence are our expectations for students and staff at Larned Middle School (LMS).  We post these in every room and several other locations making our expectations obvious as possible.  Tribe expectations are part of our efforts to develop and encourage behaviors that support a positive school climate. We have three main avenues for recognizing and emphasizing positive behaviors - 1) Tribe incident reports (daily), 2) Student(s) of the week  and 3) Tribe Awards assemblies (quarterly).

Tribe Incident Reporting- Everyone at LMS has the opportunity to be recognized by teachers or staff daily when students act in ways that make our school a better place.  When we see someone act trustworthy, responsible, solve problems, be a good friend or they are doing their best- a Tribe Incident Report can be filled out and sent to the office recognizing the student as exemplary of the Tribe Expectations. The teachers and staff recognized 65 students this year so far with several having more than one report- 98 total reports.

Student(s) of the Week at LMS involves our weekly meetings with teachers and support staff by grade level- 6th, 7th and 8th grade- to discuss grade level expectations and students behaviors.  Each week we make an effort to bring in students that are nominated by teachers and staff the previous week as good examples of the Tribe.  The students have their photograph posted on the school app website and other social media plus they are recognized at the Quarterly Tribe Awards assembly and receive a certificate for being student of the week. 

The Tribe Awards assembly is a quarterly event and parents and students are invited to the LMS gym to recognize and encourage our Tribe Expectations. Students are called out on the gym floor for receiving- Honor Roll recognition and certificates, Students of the Week and Tribe Incident Reports.  Tribe Excellence Awards are given for students that meet all five of the required areas of achievement- 1) 90% attendance, 2) good grades (no D’s or F’s), 3) good relationships with the Tribe (no office referrals for failure to follow LMS rules), 4) Being on time to school and class (less than 3 tardies) and 5) being responsible (no unexcused tardies or absences). In the First Quarter this year 20 21-22, eighty-eight students out of 195 meet all five of these Tribe Expectations for the first quarter of 2021-22. 

The pride and reputation of the LMS Tribe is entrusted to the trustworthy, responsible, problem solvers, great friends within the brotherhood/sisterhood and those that are doing their best.  We strive daily to show, encourage and believe in the Tribe Expectations as a way to make our school and world a better place for all.