LMS Tribe Community Service Project- Friday November 19, 2021-

The Larned Middle School sixth, seventh and eighth grade students plus staff were on our
annual leaf raking tour. We served 42 families by raking and hauling off hundreds of bags full of
leaves to the local compost pile. There were over 200 students, staff and volunteers that worked
to make this event a success.

None of this would have been possible without the organization skills of Sherry Pruter for getting
our Tribe student families organized with supervisors and Rich Fairchild- Transportation Director
for USD#495 and our district bus drivers- Jerry Glenn, Bo Rouse, Garry Lewis, Jay Schraeder,
Jim Mitchell, Karen Lewis and Steve Flanders as they drove our students to the houses on our
list compiled by Rich and Sherry. Sandy Blake and Andrea Tauscher were in the LMS office
control center coordinating the afternoon activities. Thank you for all your assistance.

Once the leaves were bagged we had several trucks with people that drove and loaded the
bags to be hauled to the compost pile. The leaf bag disposal teams were Brent and Troy
Hemkin, Janae and Matt Finger, Mark and Janet Hammond, Kyle Blake driving a truck and
trailer supplied by Jason Murray’s family plus Shane and Slade in the “famous Kevin Sundahl
truck”. This year went extra smoothly with five trucks and teams working on the final stage of
the clean up. Your hard work was greatly appreciated! Thank you.

We at LMS are grateful for the opportunity to help our community plus let our students learn
what it means to be a useful part of Tribe. In this season of Thanksgiving, we are grateful for
the opportunities to say thank you to the members of our community through an afternoon of
service. In closing, a big thank you to everyone involved for making this year's community
service event a success.