Ambassador Program at LES

Larned Elementary School has a special program called Ambassadors. This program is for fourth and fifth grade students who are willing to volunteer their time to the school and the community in order to grow as a leader. The Ambassador program acts as a link between the staff and the student community by organizing, leading, and assisting in school and community wide projects.

The Ambassador program began in 2018, and is led by our school social worker, Mrs. Watkins, our fifth grade teacher, Mr. Sleder, and our media specialist, Mrs. Dryden. Students must apply to become an Ambassador in third or fourth grade and are accepted into the program upon the completion of all the requirements. To apply students must have grades that are a B or higher, good attendance, and a teacher recommendation.  The teacher recommendation is based on student participation, attitude, and following expectations. 

The Ambassadors have many responsibilities and jobs throughout the school year. At the beginning of the school year each student chooses their top three choices and is then assigned their specific jobs. These jobs include:  producing Tribe TV, creating the school yearbook, being teachers aides, making bulletin boards, greeting students in the morning, giving morning announcements, recording Site Council updates, recycling for our school, being tour guides, acting as camp leaders, blogging, creating birthday posters, and making and selling Valentine cards. The Ambassadors meet twice a month during lunch and discuss all of the upcoming events. 

The Ambassadors do have some projects that make money and donations are given to them as well. All money from this program is used to give back to our students. They have purchased a popcorn machine and a cotton candy machine. The Ambassadors make popcorn and cotton candy for the LES students on special occasions. They have also purchased popsicles, angel tree gifts, and a Welcome banner to display in August. 

LES Ambassadors are expected to lead through behavior, attitude, and performance and follow all LES Expectations from the LES Behavior Expectation Matrix. They serve as role models to their peers and represent LES in the community.  The LES Ambassadors are known for their positive attitude, excellence in academics, cooperation, creativity, and leadership.