Grayson Maxwell, 6th grader at Larned Middle School, was recognized by Kansas Governor Kelly as a winner of the “Happy Birthday Kansas” photo contest. Grayson says this photo is of wheat on his grandparents farm. Grayson and his grandfather rode together on the combine when they cut this wheat. 

Grayson says he started taking pictures three of four years ago for 4H.  For those of you that may not know 4H, this is a program for youth development and mentoring. The four H’s are for Head, Heart, Hands and Health. (For more information on 4H) His goal is to one day be able to harvest by himself driving his own combine.

Taking photos as part of 4H has developed into a hobby for Grayson. When asked what he enjoyed most about the experience, Grayson said “just taking pictures is fun”. For him, the enjoyment of taking photos turns into memories and the desire to take more photos.  He says he uses his mothers Canon Camera for most of his pictures when he can but also likes to use an iPad.  

Grayson also competes in 4H with the Junior Wool Judging team for Pawnee County.  They just returned a few weeks ago from a trip to the University of Wyoming in Laramie  Wool Judging contest. Grayson says to object to Wool judging is to find sheep wool with the best “crimp” (curliness) and the longest staple or length of the wool fiber.  He is in the intermediate division of the Junior 4H Wool Judging team.

Larned Middle School is proud of Grayson and the other students he represents as examples of the Tribe Spirit found in our community.  Congratulations Grayson on your successes in 4H and being recognized by Governor Kelly for winning the “Happy Birthday Kansas” photo contest.