Book Fiar

LES Book Fair

Every year Larned Elementary School participates in the Scholastic Book Fair. This is an easy and effective way to unite our school community and provide more books to our students and teachers.

There are multiple ways for our students and teachers to earn money towards books during the book fair. A week prior to the book fair, we have a coin drive challenge between classes. The class that raises the most money wins a class party with treats. One hundred percent of the proceeds go directly back to each classroom teacher’s class library based upon how much money was brought in by their students. 

Another perk to participating in the coin drive is that Scholastic Book Fairs, through the Scholastic Possible Fund, will match our coin drive totals and donate up to $1 million in books to literacy non-profit book organizations. This includes organizations like The Kids in Need Foundation, which distributes educational resources to children in underserved communities across the country. 

Scholastic will also give back 50% of their sales as long as the $2,500 goal was met. All of the money earned must be spent with Scholastic to purchase books for our school library. Scholastic also gives each classroom teacher the opportunity to make a wish list, providing anyone the opportunity to buy desired books for a specific teacher's classroom library. 

In the past, Larned Elementary School did two book fairs a year. This was done because our schools used to be located in multiple buildings. Every year each building would host a book fair at a different time of the year.  Now that we are all in one building, we have cut back to one book fair a year, which normally takes place in March. 

This year our Ambassadors decided to hold a school carnival to help promote the book fair. They sold cotton candy and eight carnival tickets for one dollar each. Our Ambassador students ran each carnival station and gave prizes as well. The carnival was a huge success and helped the book fair sales soar to a new high. We will plan on adding a school carnival to the book fair every year. 

Larned also has many wonderful citizens that bring in monetary donations to the book fair each year. At the end of the book fair, we use those donations to purchase a book for students that weren’t able to purchase anything during the book fair. This truly brings so many smiles to these students.  

The Larned Elementary school staff also helps promote the book fair by volunteering themselves to get a pie in the face or some other fun challenge. Students get to vote who they would like to see receive a pie in the face and then watch in an all school assembly. Whether you are a student or staff in the school building, a community member or parent, there is lots of fun to be had during our elementary book fair!