What is Skyward?

Skyward is our student information system. This is a place where we keep track of grades, attendance, demographic information and more. As you all know, this is the program we use to register and enroll your children. 

There is more to skyward than just registering. Through the family access, you can play an active role in the learning process by staying aware of your child(ren)’s grades, schedules and attendance. It also allows you to easily communicate with your child’s teachers. A bonus to this program is there is an app. The app is very user friendly, allowing you to within seconds pull up your child's assignments, grades, etc. 

Here is a website with helpful resources to assist you in navigating family access through skyward. Please keep in mind, there may be features on this website that our district does not have.

Family Access Toolkit

Checking Grades

As always, please call your school and we will help navigate if needed.