Sport Stacking

Sport Stacking 

Sport Stacking is a sport that comes with many names. Some call it Speed Stacking while others call it Cup Stacking.  Regardless of what one calls it, Sport Stacking has become a tradition at Fort Larned Elementary School. Since the new elementary school opened its doors, Sport Stacking has found its place in the Physical Education program, classrooms, and even on the playground. 


For those that are unfamiliar with Sport Stacking, it is an exciting individual and team sport that requires stacking and unstacking cups in specific sequences.  These sequences usually include pyramids of 3, 6, or 10 cups. Players can compete against the clock or another player. Sport Stacking promotes hand-eye coordination, ambidexterity, quickness, reaction time, and concentration. It helps students use both sides of the body and brain to develop important athletic and lifelong skills. 


Every December Sport Stacking makes its way into the gym during our physical education classes. Students from kindergarten to fifth grade participate in Sport Stacking. Some students are just being introduced to the sport while others are trying to shave time off of the entire cycle. At the end of the Sport Stacking unit, all students compete within each of their classes to see who can stack the fastest. The fastest four stackers from each grade level go on to compete in our annual “Tournament of Champions!” Four teams are created with one student from each grade level per team.  Each student competes by building their own grade specific pyramid. The Tournament of Champions takes place every year on the last day of the semester before Christmas Break. The entire school comes to watch and the race is live streamed as well. 


Sport Stacking can also be found in the classrooms as teachers use it for brain breaks to get both sides of the brain working together. Students also bring their own cups and practice during recess or before and after school. Sport Stacking is a great activity to promote at home as well because it provides a positive alternative to computers, television and video screen time. Cups are available for purchase at the school during our Sport Stacking unit. 


Sport Stacking is a unique, fun, and simple activity that motivates kids to be active. Sport Stacking can be a great family activity at home or on the road. So, if you’ve never tried stacking,  pick up a cup and give it a whirl!